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Muhammad Ali who fought Sonny in their first Championship Boxing match as Cassius Clay Return as Muhammad Ali for the Return Match


Follow the links to the most exciting stories of the boxing match entitled "Rumble in the Jungle" that took place 30/10/74 in Zaire between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman with Ali using his "Rope A Dope Trick" to knock out George Foreman in the 8th round to regain the World Heavyweight Boxing Crown. Included is the history of World Heavyweight Boxing Champions. A look at the Past World Heavyweight Champions and the many different boxing titles  with a bunch of boxing weights in today's organisational boxing arena. This site is all about boxing, its about Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, great heavyweight Champions of the past.

History Of Boxing

Muhammad Ali

Joe Louis

The Master Craftsman

Young Brash Kid: Cassius Clay

First Round Knockout

Seconds Out

Muhammad Ali Boxing Career

The Power Puncher

1st World Title Fight In Britain

Muhammad Ali

Joe Louis: Farr, A Great Opponent

History: John L. Sullivan

Muhammad Ali's Annotations

Brown Bomber vs The Welsh Wizard

Past Heavyweight Champions

Muhammad Ali: The Boxing Legend

Boxing Golden Ages

International Boxing Awards

Muhammad Ali Vietnam Affair

The Potent Joe Louis

MSG Arena Of Champions

Early Years Of Ali's Boxing

Remember Joe Louis

Amateur Boxing In Britain

Muhammad Ali: King Of Boxing

Billy Conn: The Kid From Pittsburgh

Beginning Of Modern Boxing

Muhammad Ali v George Foreman

Boxer Mike Tyson

The Mediocre Heavyweights

The Ali, Frazier Affair

The Harder They Fall

The Battle Royal Gladiators

Muhammad Ali Busy Years

Mike Tyson: A State Of Mind

Olympic Boxing Medals 1904-2004

Monumental Muhammad ali

Lewis and Mike Tyson

Boxing Rules

Could Ali Beat Jack Johnson?

Iron Man Mike Tyson

Heavyweight Championship History

Personality Of The Century

Mike Tyson Quotes

The Boxing Ring Gladiators

Muhammad Ali Quotes

Boxing Bizarre Moments

USA Boxing Rules

Laila Ali: Boxing Champion

Famous Boxing Quotes

Real Cassius Marcellus Clay

Ali's Final Years Of Boxing

More Boxing Quotes


World Boxing Champions Of The Past Years



British Boxing Champions

The Larry Holmes Epitaph

The Boxing British


The James J Corbett Story


Destructive Marvin Hagler


The Undefeated: Rocky Marciano

Iron Fists: Roberto Duran

Archie: The Ol' Mongoose

Sugar Ray Leonard v The Cobra

Ring Craft Of Archie Moore

The Exciting Britisher: Nigel Benn

John Sullivan and Jim Corbett

Nigel Benn's Boxing Record

World Champion: Tommy Burns

Carnera: Giant Amongst Men

Dempsey Savage Willard

The Elegant Sugar Ray Robinson

Past Heavyweight Champions

Italian-American: Carmen Basilio

Jeffries: World Heavyweight Champ

The Dark Shades Of Monzon

The Demon Fighter

International Boxing Awards

First Black World Champion

Successful Boxing Promoters

Dempsey Ignored Boxing Rules

The Era Of Jack Johnson

Angel Firpo v Jack Dempsey

More Famous Quotes In Boxing

Muhammad Ali's Quotes 2

Muhammad Ali Boxing Sub Index Directory

Famous Quotes In Boxing

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